The second most important question when managing a project is – what is the history of the project?  Visualizing changes over time enables insight into  the actions taken leading to the current status of the project.  Many questions can be answered with historical data:

  • Have we spent the budget allocated to date?
  • Has the planned work been accomplished on time?
  • Were all planned milestones finished on time?
  • Were self-reported metrics updated appropriately?

These questions and many others can be answered with comprehensive historical data.  ShareAdvance Project Intelligence stores unlimited snapshots of project data which are available through the Power Query model.   Below are some example trend reports.

Health & Cost Trend

Project Health and Planned Cost Trend

This visualization shows the trend for the custom field Project Health, along with planned cost.  Over time, cost over runs cause planned cost to increase.  Eventually the project manager changes project health from green to red, showing that help is needed.  It is likely a health state of yellow should have preceded the change to red s that senior management had better insight into increasing issues.

 Trend: Planned Cost, Actual Cost, Baseline Cost

Cost Trends

In this second line graph we see how planned cost, actual cost and baseline cost changes over time for the project.  While actual cost increases as expected, note the stepped changes in planned cost over time.  The baseline cost remains the same for a long period, indicating that the project will be over budget.  In November a baseline change is approved, corresponding with the change in project health from red to green.

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