Planned Work - Trend Report

Creating snapshots of planned work allows you to visually identify the projects that have increasing or decreasing work demands for specific time periods. Note that in this example, the “Sqash and Racqet Ball Eye Wear” project initially had a lot of work planned in March and April, but as those time periods were aproached the planned work amount dropped. This indicates that the project is unable to start on time, perhaps due to the unavailability of resources.

Next we see that in May and June the planned work increases over time. This may indicate that the management is trying to get this late starting project back on schedule by “crashing” tasks during that period. Note that the planned work for “Payroll System Upgrade” is decreasing during May and June, perhaps because resources are being re-deployed to the Eye Wear project.

From this view you can then drill down to see the changes in absolute or relative terms: