ShareAdvance provides Big Data Analytics for Microsoft Project Server and Project Online

Project Cost & Work

The PMO Portfolio Dashboard is helpful to fulfill a primary goal of ShareAdvance analytics: visibly shows the value of your PMO. Several key components of your projects are shown including several KPI’s, comparisons, and cost/work trends.

Several projects making up large datasets can be difficult to manage. This report helps summarize that data for you, taking the guess work out of project progress, thus allowing for more informed business decisions. What’s more, the built-in timeline slicer makes analyzing project data at certain time periods a breeze.

Health & Cost Trend

Quickly see how planned costs and custom metrics such as project health change over time.

The Microsoft Power BI SandDance visualization is one of the most innovative and flexible tools for understanding complex data.

The sand facet coloring (green, yellow, red) shows the project manager reported health for the given date. The x-axis shows the history date, and the y-axis can change from Cost, Baseline Cost and Actual cost by clicking the axis title and choosing between options.

Project Cost Analysis

Costs are critical element of any project. Knowing where your project costs stand in relation to each other, as well as in relation to work and duration, is an important feature in project intelligence for improved project management.

This report provides a thorough cost analysis of your various projects, allowing you to see trends, vital KPI’s, and correlations. Having a firm grasp of your projects’ costs allow you to manage your projects with a peace-of-mind and to make more informed business decisions.

Pulse Chart

See project changes over time – with call-outs for specific events – using the Power BI Pulse Chart.

This report helps you visualize key events throughout the life cycle of a project.

Additional visuals and tables refresh as the Pulse Chart progresses, thus providing more in-depth analysis.

Project Trends & Forecast

Use historical data to predict future project spend within a defined confidence interval.

Advanced techniques involving predictive analytics and machine learning can be applied to your data to produce guidance around what is likely to happen, as well as what actions can be taken to make changes.

Using historical data supplied through the ShareAdvance Project Intelligence data model, this graph shows the likely project cost for the coming quarter with upper and lower confidence intervals.

Bullet Spectrum

Using the ShareAdvance Bullet Spectrum chart, get detailed information about projects over and under budget.

The Bullet Spectrum illustrates that to little or too much spending are both problematic.

The thin vertical bar represents planned spend to-date. The thicker horizontal bar represents actual spend to-date. The colored background areas can be set by the report author, and generally are based on percentages. They are designed to show whether the project spend is on track, over or under by a little or a lot.