The most common question that is asked when managing a project is – what is the status right now?  That can be broken down to any number of more detailed questions:

  • What have we spent compared to budget?
    • How much work has been done, and how does that compare to the original plan
    • What milestones are complete?  Are any milestones overdue?
    • Do we have the right number of resources to get the project done?
    • Are we on track to complete the project on time and within budget?

These questions and more amount to understanding if the project is on track, or if corrective action needs to be taken.

ShareAdvance Project Intelligence gives you to access to all of your project data through a simplified Power Query model that can contain any project field including all custom fields. The Power Query model allows you to create reports in Power BI, Power View, Excel and many other business intelligence tools. In addition you have access to a growing library of reports; below is one example.

A common program report shows the projects most over and most under budget.  This enables managers to focus their corrective actions, or to re-allocate budget.  Typical these reports are simple bar charts which show only limited information.

Bullet Spectrum: over and under budget projects

Projects over and under budget, using the ShareAdvance Bullet Spectrum

The ShareAdvance Bullet Spectrum is based on the Bullet Graph but is designed to show that either being under or over budget is not desirable.  The vertical bar shows the planned budget spend to date, while the horizontal bar shows the actual spend.   A project in a good state will have the bar in the green area, not too far below or above target. Projects that are under or over spending by a moderate amount will show the bar in the yellow area, while substantial over or under spending will show in red.  Projects in the “Top over” or “Top under” report are sorted by percent budget variance.

Next: What is the history of the project?

Then: What is likely to happen with my project in the future?